Finance for Non Financials workshop
21 & 22 June - 1800 L.E

Learning outcome

• Define the four key financial statements: balance sheet, income statement, cash flow and changes in owner equity.

• Interpret the financial health and condition of a company, division or responsibility center and use financial information for management and evaluation.

• Distinguish between accounting and finance and explain the finance role in running businesses.

• Prepare a company‘s operating budget and relate it to the organization‘s strategic objectives.

• Apply Financial techniques to enhance decision making.

June - 2019

21 & 22

Call me direct for any clarification

Nehal El Sayed
Training Coordinator

T: (202) 25252885
M: (002) 01012769079 & 01016445898
Address:1st Floor, Building No. 4, Street No. 158 , Etihad square, Maadi ,Cairo , E

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